is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, crowd-sourced funding platform for organizations, programs, and projects focused on global climate change mitigation (GCCM).

Our Vision is to empower broad-based citizen engagement to address climate change through local, regional, and international projects and programs.

Our Mission is to provide a globally accessible platform infrastructure (people, process, and technology) that supports other nonprofits, academic institutions, government agencies, and foundations working to address climate change.

Some of our key areas of emphasis include:

  • Citizen engagement.  We believe that addressing climate change is everyone's responsibility.  We can't rely on governments, foundations, and corporations alone.  Broad based, grassroots support is required.  By offering a "one-stop-shop" portal, we make it easy to find specific programs and projects of interest to each and every individual prospective donor.
  • Wide range of climate change mitigation projects.  There are many well funded programs addressing things like public policy, impact investing in large scale clean energy projects, and corporate initiatives.  However, there are thousands of smaller "long tail" projects, that in aggregate represent major contributions to climate change mitigation.
  • Supporting the existing network.  Our goal is to support the many organizations and initiatives already working to address climate change.  The platform provides an effective, efficient way to match individuals with the organizations, programs, and projects of interest to them.
  • Robust portal.  The portal and back-end platform will make it easy for organizations to post their projects, identify and empower project champions (champion marketing), provide feedback to donors on the progress and outcomes of the projects, implement cross-organizational marketing campaigns, support promotional programs (corporate matching programs, gift cards, social sharing, etc.). Additionally we'll make it easy for donors to search, sort, and filter to find the projects that they care the most about:
    • Projects sponsored by major national and international nonprofits like the Sierra Club, Audubon Society, Nature Conservancy, NRDC, etc.
    • Projects sponsored by universities and local government agencies
    • Clean energy generation (reducing use of fossil fuels)
    • Clean energy access for low income neighborhoods
    • Transportation (smart growth, urban planning, electric vehicles, etc.)
    • Home and office energy usage reduction
    • Projects closest to where donors live
    • Projects benefiting coastal inhabitants
    • Market research and grant proposal funding
    • Farming innovations
    • Managing industrial and agricultural methane
    • Promoting and implementing academic and national laboratory research
    • Forestry management
    • Carbon capture
    • And many others...