If you'd like to help accelerate the deployment of our crowd-funding platform, please click on the "Donate Now" button above.  If you want to tell us what kinds of projects you'd like to support and/or get on our mailing list, please click on the "Donor Survey Form" button below.

Today, 72% of charitable giving comes from individuals like you.  But only 3% of giving goes to environmental causes including climate change mitigation.  With the increasing urgency of the problem, we need to do more as global citizens.  We believe that providing a “one-stop-shop” portal will allow individual donors to find the projects and programs that you care the most about.

Possible categories for projects supported by ClimateDonor.org include, but are not limited to, the following.  

  • Projects for local chapters of national & international nonprofits
  • Clean energy access and equity projects
  • State, county, and city projects
  • Academic and national lab research projects - modeling, prototyping, testing, etc.
  • Educational and market research projects
  • Background proposals for large grants (e.g. California Prop 39 clean energy for schools)

See the summary below from The Giving Institute 2014 Report