If you are affiliated with a nonprofit, academic institution, national lab, or local government with projects focused on addressing climate change, and are looking for funding, we’d like to hear from you.

While our platform hasn’t launched yet, we'd like to know more about the types of projects that could benefit from crowd-funding via ClimateDonor.org to ensure we’re designing it to meet your needs.  Possible themes and categories include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Projects for local chapters of national & international nonprofits
  • Clean energy access and equity projects
  • State, county, and city projects
  • Academic and national lab research projects - modeling, prototyping, testing, etc.
  • Educational and market research projects
  • Background proposals for large grants (e.g. California Prop 39 clean energy for schools)

You can submit 1 to 4 short project summaries via our online project submission form here.  

We don’t suggest submitting more than 4 projects at this stage.  We may follow up with additional questions about your projects to understand your needs more fully.